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There are many decisions to make when you approach age 65; When should I retire?  How do I plan for my retirementpartner-robert-hayes-carson income?  And, most importantly, Medicare, your healthcare coverages!

We recognize that all our clients approaching 65 and retirement need competent advice regarding financial planning, but what planning have you done for Medicare?  Several things you need to consider regarding retirement healthcare before you turn 65 are;

  • Should you enroll or defer Medicare Part B when you turn 65?
  • Do you have considerable premium deductions, deductible or co-pays on your employer health plan and have I weighed my options
  • Are you getting professional Medicare and supplement, RX program, and dental/vision advice?

It is important to inquire about the Medicare On-Boarding process within 6 months prior to your birthday.  A good Medicare professional can provide insight on how the Medicare process works, what is needed, appropriate time to apply (before or after retirement), and the best practices for a smooth process.  In addition, you will need to choose a Medicare Supplement, Prescription Plan and a Dental, Hearing, Vision Plan.  If you are an internet savvy person, online may be a natural direction for your research; however, visiting Medicare Supplemental Q&A sites will put you on numerous call lists for solicitation calls from high volume Medicare Supplement Insurance Agents.

If you need help thinking about these decisions, please contact your planning team at PSG, 301.543.6000.
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Robert has been a financial planner to the affluent since 1993. He specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning solutions to individuals and business owners. His primary focus is to provide advanced strategies for estate preservation, business succession planning, and asset management.

In addition to his focus on clients, he also oversees a group of financial planners and an administrative support team for Planning Solutions Group. In 2001, the partners nominated Bob to act as the Managing Partner for the firm. As the Managing Partner, Bob leads the strategic direction of the firm and implements new business initiatives to improve PSG’s planning, client service, and communication. Bob is a four-time winner of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award and has been featured as a guest speaker at the Lincoln Financial advisors Planning Forum and the Triad Advisors National Conference. In addition, Bob is sought out as a trusted advisor by several CPA firms, attorneys, and banks to offer sophisticated planning strategies to their affluent clients.  Bob can be reached at: