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The PSG Dashboard is an innovative client portal and dynamic, advisor driven, financial planning solution that not only provides a refreshing client portal which allows our clients to have all of their financial information, updated daily, with a single login but also the most advanced financial modelling software in the industry. For years our clients have been asking us for a place to see all of their financial information in one place, not just their investment accounts. We are proud to have invested in our technology platform on behalf of our clients.

Some of the features of the PSG Dashboard include:

Client Portal with Account Aggregation, Budgeting Tool and Personal Vault: The client portal links all of your financial accounts in one place. This data is non-transactional and secured with the highest level of encryption. Features of the client portal include:

Account Aggregation: Link all of your financial accounts to see updated values in one place.
Budgeting Tool: Link credit/debit cards to keep an eye on your transactions at all times and even create personal budgets to be alerted when suspicious transactions occur or budgets are exceeded.
Personal Vault: Upload your important documents such as tax returns and estate planning documents in one place.
Reports: Download a real-time balance sheet or summary of insurance policies at any time. Your advisor can share retirement reports with you so you know if you are on track to achieve your goals.

Dynamic Financial Modelling with the Decision Center: When looking at various scenarios, from retirement, funding children’s education or moving to a new state, we can now flip a switch to see how changes our clients make today will affect their financial future. The decision center allows our advisors and clients interact in real time ultimately helping our clients feel more confident in the decisions they make so that they can spend more time doing the things that they love.

Mobile Friendly: We live our life on the road, constantly busy with work, family and travel. The PSG Dashboard is mobile friendly and allows you to access your investments, net worth, spending transactions or important documents on the go saving you time, stress and money.

We can’t wait to introduce our interactive new tool to our new and existing clients. For more information, contact your PSG advisor at 301-543-6000.