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Insurance Audit

With the current economy and financial environment, we have been witnessing historically low interest rates for the past 10 years. These reduced rates have significantly impacted life insurance policies and caused substantial issues for policies in several cases.

Insurance policies are not lasting as long as originally projected and designed. In some instances, policy owners are having to pay substantially higher premiums to maintain policies. We have also observed policies not lasting to maturity and policy owners having to reduce the original death benefit amount to maintain current or lower premium costs.

The PSG Insurance Audit program was developed to provide the following services:

  • Perform an assessment of current and projected future performance of existing policy
  • Determine financial stability of existing insurance carrier(s)
  • Complete comparison of insurance options based on current market conditions
  • Provide recommendations and observations for alternative insurance options, as needed
  • And more…

Our in-depth and dynamic insurance audit program will assist you and your family in safeguarding your investment as you intended.


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