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Lifetime Planning

Start at the roots.

Lifetime Planning begins by laying the groundwork for all aspects of your financial plan. What are your over-arching family values, goals, and dreams for your future? Our Lifetime Planning Process involves developing a Family Wealth Mission Statement, to communicate your lifetime objectives with your other advisors, family, and future generations.

We create your Mission Statement by setting goals and objectives, understanding your family dynamics, and creating an inventory of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. Planning Solutions Group will identify your fiscal strengths, weaknesses, and present opportunities for improvement. We can address your tax position, enhance your ability to accumulate and protect your assets, and develop solutions to manage your current and future income and retirement needs.

Plant the seeds.

The success of your Lifetime Plan can be measured by how well you manage your long-term income and retirement needs, as well as determining the viability of your plan for future generations and heirs. Planning Solutions Group will work with you and your family to ensure you understand all of the steps required on the path toward your goals. Through multi-generational strategies and financial mentoring, we will coordinate with your family and other trusted advisors to facilitate the administration and implementation of your plan. In addition, we will re-evaluate your lifetime plan on a regular basis to make sure it is flexible and current, incorporating any changes in your personal situation or lifetime objectives.

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