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If your younger-self could give you financial advice, what would it be?

If the advice were “spend less, save more” wouldn’t it be nice to easily see how those actions would affect your retirement outlook longer term? If you are currently utilizing the PSG Dashboard, you have the ability to see the immediate impact of spending less and saving more.  By having all your financial information in one secure location that is updated daily you can see your bottom line and make informed decisions using what-if scenarios.  What if I sell the big house and downsize?  What if the kids go to college in-state vs. out-of-state?

The PSG Dashboard allows you to be financially organized by aggregating all of your important information in one place, like your retirement plans, bank accounts, insurance policies, credit cards, and estate documents.  If you are not actively using our new system and would like to be, please call today at 301-543-6000 to schedule a visit with your advisor and to get started using the PSG Dashboard.