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As the Chief Investment Officer, quite often I am invited to speak to individuals to provide market and economic updates.  One of the most enjoyable was to a group of female executives and retirees recently in Annapolis.  “Ladies Night Out” was organized by Peter Smith who is a Family Wealth Advisor for Planning Solutions Group.  It helped that Carrol’s Creek Café located in the Annapolis Marina has a beautiful view of the water and the food and wine weren’t too shabby either!  No one was shy about asking questions and there were so many very good ones.  The back and forth exchanges made this so much more fun than my standard “reading of the tea leaves”.

What made me so happy were the comments that I heard in several of my one-on-one interactions.  I am an investment guy and you would think that the remarks were about me and my investment team.  They weren’t.  Instead, the compliments were about the work that Peter has done.  His financial planning efforts have given many of the attendees the peace of mind that they can realize their lifetime goals.  I heard phrases like: “you are looking at the big picture, you helped me get organized, if something happens to me, my family will be ok and I am not worried about bear markets anymore.”   All music to my ears!  Good planning work and education make developing an investment strategy much easier.  Investments are only one part of the puzzle.  There are so many other pieces that are important as well.  Helping people is why I love coming to work and I am proud of the work that we do.

Thank you, Peter, for allowing me to spend time with your clients.
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Jon Giordani is Chief Investment Officer for PSG.  He provides innovative investment planning strategies to our clients.