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PSG is looking for motivated and experienced self-starters with a proven record of success in the financial planning industry. Candidates must possess FINRA Series 7, 65, and state Life, Health, and Variable Life insurance licenses. The ideal candidate would have 5+ years of experience in the financial planning field with a broad knowledge of planning strategies and financial products. If you thrive in a team environment, exceed expectations, and are committed to personal and professional growth, PSG would like to hear from you.

If you would like to discuss our career opportunities and compensation in more detail, please email your resume to


Financial Planning is a relationship business, and our success reflects our ability to not only meet the needs of our clients, but to constantly strive to exceed their expectations.

Our family of advisors and support team are committed to delivering a financial planning experience that is productive and life changing.  We believe in improving the lives of our clients, advisors, and their families by providing unique solutions and opportunities.


  • Value clients as people and not as numbers
  • Measure success by lasting relationships, not transactions
  • Respect our employees more like a “family” than a “firm”


At PSG, clients are at the center of what we do.  We put our clients first, last, and always.  We pride ourselves on taking time to get to know our clients’ needs and goals, so we can build customized financial planning solutions together.  We understand that financial planning requires a relationship built on trust, and we earn that trust by providing our clients with comprehensive advice and ongoing service, unparalleled in the industry.  We value our clients and are honored to serve as their trusted advisor.

About Our Clients:


Technology plays a critical role in today’s advanced financial planning strategies.  PSG prides itself in offering state-of-the art solutions to our planners and clients.  Our technology platform utilizes sophisticated financial planning software and account management systems.  Our advisors are well-equipped to serve clients at the highest level, and clients are provided with access to their accounts and legal documents through our easy online tools.


We provide clients with comprehensive advice, solutions, and service with the guidance of our licensed financial planners and our in-house team of dedicated professionals.  This “team approach” enables our financial planners to spend more time working with clients, while ongoing client requests and account maintenance are handled by our support staff.  Our clients’ needs are important to us, so we believe our “team approach” is a benefit to everyone.

In addition to our in-house team, we believe in professional collaboration, which is why we partner with select CPAs and attorneys to provide a holistic approach to financial planning.


We have a refined process for delivering an efficient and beneficial financial planning experience for our clients.  The PSG “Planning Continuum” reveals our cycle of operations for managing new and existing clients and building customized solutions, tailored to individual needs and goals.

Planning Continuum:



Case Study # 1: Planner – Scott Gomsak

After 18+ years as a financial advisor for various financial institutions, Scott Gomsak decided to join Planning Solutions Group in 2013. Although business was good, production was healthy and Scott was happy with the independent structure of his business, he found that his revenue and asset growth had plateaued.

In order to grow and expand his business, he needed to make a change. After researching multiple options and firms, Scott finally met with Planning Solutions Group. During his first meeting with the management team, he felt confident that PSG met all the criteria that were critical in making a successful transition and ultimately capitalizing on his life’s work.

“Planning Solutions Group had the resources and capabilities of a large firm, while maintaining the small, independent culture that made my clients and me feel at home.”

Scott had the desire to shift his practice to a fee-based advisory structure, but found it to be very time consuming and challenging to manage the fee-based accounts, handle new account paperwork, and service his existing clients. By Scott’s 2nd anniversary with PSG, his intuition about PSG was confirmed, as his fee-based assets had tripled since joining the firm.

Utilizing the resources and intellectual capital at PSG, Scott was able to spend more time meeting with clients, developing deeper relationships, and offering a full range of financial planning solutions. As Scott noted, “I have benefited greatly from the operations infrastructure, the investment team’s research and analysis, the financial planning support, as well as off-loading the compliance oversight to PSG.  All of these factors have allowed me to spend more time with clients, building deeper relationships, and cultivating new business from referrals.”


Case Study # 2: Planner – Brian Kuhn

Brian began his career with Lincoln Financial Advisors in 2002, while attending Towson University.  While at Lincoln Financial he learned fee-based planning, retirement modeling, life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuities roles in financial planning – but after several years Brian was excited at the opportunity to build his own brand and book of business with the goal of helping people reach their objectives regardless of their financial circumstances.

He chose PSG because of its professional and extensive infrastructure, and an established support and operations team that would allow him to focus on personal and professional growth.  Since joining PSG he has published 2 books on personal finance, had a family, and speaks and writes regularly on financial topics.

Brian reflects:  “I think PSG does a great job of allowing the planners to focus on what they do best which is spending time with clients.  There are great operational systems behind the scenes, and a genuine interest in perfecting the process from beginning to end.  It’s a good atmosphere to grow a business.”

Brian serves his clients from within a division of Planning Solutions Group named “PSG Clarity.”

Brian is experiencing an average annualized growth of over 30% since he joined PSG.

Team Member

The PSG team encompasses a wide array of positions involving various skill sets and experience. We are always looking for motivated and reliable individuals to join our family. The ideal candidate would have experience or education in one of more the following categories of financial planning:

Asset Management / Investment Accounts
Financial Planning & related software
Client Engagement / Marketing
Client Relationship Management

FINRA Series 66, 6 or 7, as well as state licenses in Life, Health, and Variable Life Insurance is a plus.

If you feel that your experience makes you a good candidate, please email your resume to


Because of the various roles and positions involved at PSG, our interns have numerous educational opportunities in all aspects of financial planning. Internship candidates have the flexibility to focus on one or more of the following areas:

Investment Service / Asset Management
Investment Analysis
401(k) Plan Administration / Support
Financial Planning Tools and Software
Financial Planning
Marketing & Client Engagement

If you are interested in discussing our opportunities, please email your resume to

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