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Plan Optimization

Plan Optimization

We work with our clients on the front- and back-end to ensure your retirement plan is an effective tool for your organization not a burden.


On the front-end we will work with the executive team and plan committee to determine the role your corporate retirement plan plays in your total benefits package and the primary objectives you have for the plan.  From there we are able to make sure your plan design is aligned within the objectives and within the allocated benefits budget.

While every organization might prioritize objectives differently some common goals are:

  • Offer a competitive benefits program to recruit talent
  • Provide a tax benefit to shareholders and executives
  • Motiviate and reward employees
  • Help retain employees
  • Encourage employees to save and invest for their future

Through committee discussion, education, and surveys we can help you identify your goals.  Our Plan Optimization Reports will identify any gaps in your current plan design or education programs and suggest changes.

Plan Optimization Reports include:

  • Plan Design Benchmark – a comparison of your plan features to similar plans of your size in your industry
  • Competitor Benchmark – a comparison of your plan features to specific competitors or companies where you attract talent from.


Operating a 401k plan in today’s regulatory environment can be time-consuming and present compliance challenges.  We will work with your administration team and recordkeeper to suggest best practices in the day-to-day operations to assure you are running your plan efficiently and meeting compliance requirements.

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