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Is handling your family’s financial affairs taking time that could be better spent with your family, or enjoying a hobby or even building your professional resume?  Or possibly you could use assistance with the responsibility of managing your parents’ financial affairs?

This is where PSG Family Office comes to the rescue!  PSG Family Office is a suite of concierge services designed to manage the ongoing administrative tasks associated with your personal finances.  The front-runner of this offering is PSG BILL-PAY, a service that allows PSG to manage and track the payment of invoices and bills on your behalf.

You can make PSG your personal CFO and take the worry out of managing personal and family financial affairs.  With PSG BILL-PAY you can stop spending time tracking bills, writing checks, reconciling accounts and following up with multiple companies.  PSG provides timely efficient bill-paying and record-keeping services, helping to organize your life and personal finances.  By utilizing PSG BILL-PAY services, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Budget preparation and overview of all Living Expenses
  • Payment of ongoing expenses through your personal “Bill Pay” account
  • Year-end tax reporting provided to you & your accountant
  • Monthly reporting and Quarterly expense reviews
  • Account Reconciliation Reporting

Please visit our newly designed website to see what other services we offer and can assist you with at  If you decide you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at 301-543-6000.