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We’ve all seen them, maybe even used them, the online calculators and services that give you “canned” advice on how to manage your finances. You may also have been referred to an online financial service where someone you never met will contact you to help you blindly plan for your financial future.

Online financial services are often referred to as “robo-advisors”. Robo-advice is typically provided to assist with the assets you have in your portfolio. Robo-advisors don’t usually explore your entire financial situation to gain an accurate picture of your overall needs. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who will get to know your family, your business, your objectives, and goals? Wouldn’t you prefer your friends and family to work with an advisor that will get to know and understand their entire financial situation – not just what assets they have in an IRA?

Planning Solutions Group is an independent, fee-based financial planning firm working with individuals and families to plan for their overall current and future financial needs. Our financial planners meet with you to explore your goals and discuss your entire financial picture. After an exploratory and collaborative meeting with you, we then work to determine the appropriate next steps and action items to get you on track for reaching your financial goals.

As an additional benefit for our clients we provide access to innovative financial planning software, the PSG Dashboard. The Dashboard aggregates all your financial information in one secure location with daily updates to the data. This allows you to view your finances and goals in real-time and make informed decisions.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our holistic financial planning services, please call us at 301-543-6000 to schedule a visit with one of our financial planners. If you are not currently using the PSG Dashboard and would like to, call us or visit our website to schedule an appointment at: