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During a recent kitchen renovation in my home, I stood in my dining room as an electrician untangled a jumbled mess of electrical wiring. The dangling wires looked like spaghetti and I had absolutely no clue how to handle it. The electrician carefully tested each line to determine its route and purpose in our home, and then miraculously and neatly re-organized it. After sorting out the mess, he asked me where we wanted to place recessed lighting and if there were any special requests for outlets, USB connectivity, or other lighting. He respected my wishes, explained what he was doing, and together, we made a plan to make sure the new kitchen was what my family and I had envisioned.

There’s probably a YouTube video that could have taught me to rewire my kitchen. But as most people do with home improvements of this magnitude, we hired a professional because, well, we have other professions that require our attention. Why on earth would we attempt to do something as amateurs when we knew that a professional would do the job most efficiently?

People are often more likely to hire a contractor for household repairs and renovations than they are to hire someone to professionally manage their finances. Money is personal and it can feel invasive to have a financial advisor counsel you about your own assets. Not only that, but investors often get hung up on the fees associated with investment advisory services and financial planning. But why? As in any other service, you are paying for the expertise of a trained (and licensed) professional who can help guide you toward achieving your goals. Your financial future is a big deal and worth the extra investment to enlist some professional help.

Over the years, just as a house has various problems and improvements that may not be in sync, your investment portfolio can also become cluttered and confusing. Life changes, your job changes. You get married, you have kids. Your parents age. You invest in real estate, and maybe even a business. You encounter health problems or other unexpected expenses. Sorting through the many facets of your finances is certainly something you can do on your own, but having a second pair of professional eyes can help put things in perspective and bring order and peace of mind to your situation.

Investments come in many shapes and sizes, with varying levels of risk, differing tax treatment for earnings, and long-term and short-term considerations. Financial professionals can help you sort through the tangled web of investment vehicles in your portfolio and provide you with a consolidated and comprehensive plan that carefully considers your present and future income and growth needs.

A good financial advisor will ask you questions to assess your situation, educate you, and work with you to develop a course of action to improve your financial outlook. Interview multiple financial advisors until you find a professional who understands your goals and presents you with reasonable solutions. Don’t wait until your personal finances become so disorganized that they cause you stress. A professional advisor is well worth the investment. Seek help and set a course toward financial confidence now.

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