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August 1st – 7th is National Simplify Your Life Week

Just as Spring can be a great time for cleaning and decluttering, late Summer can be ideal to sit back and evaluate ways to simplify your life. It is a time when many relax on vacation and wonder what they can do to have more calm, fun-filled vacation-like days?  While the answer is different for everyone, here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

  1. Define what simple means for you. Once you’ve defined what simple means, work toward minimizing those things that make life complicated or stressful.
  2. Say no and choose priorities. Knowing what you need to focus on will help you avoid getting sidetracked with little requests that come up every day, like when your spouse asks you to drop the clothes at the drycleaner.  Saying no to the dry-cleaning drop off today is ok. Simply suggest dropping it off another day when you aren’t as busy.  Also consider what tasks can be delegated to someone else, like grocery shopping, paying bills and managing your finances.
  3. Limit what you allow in your life. Get rid of activities that are a waste of time. Work from home to avoiding sitting in traffic during commutes. Are there websites you mindlessly scroll through eating up valuable time? Get rid of the time-wasters, you won’t miss them.
  4. Prepare ahead. Being proactive and planning your day or week can help simplify your life. Making lunch and figuring out what you’ll wear the night before your work day is key to simplifying your morning routine. Starting the day calm and unhurried will make your day less stressful, more relaxed, and ‘’simple’’.

Many of us are aware of the ways we can simplify our lives but stall on putting our great ideas into action. It is taking that step that stops us.

PSG Family Office can help you simplify your life with services such as; bill paying, tax organization, philanthropic giving, long term care planning, data aggregation, small business bookkeeping, education services, and asset management. If you are interested in learning more about how we are helping our clients simplify their lives, please call us at 301-543-6000. You can also visit our website to learn more: