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PSG’s Don Hannahs is partnering with DealersEdge in offering a free Live Webinar for Auto Dealers. Successful Succession Planning for Donald S. HannahsToday’s Auto Dealers, on Thursday, October 5th at 1pm EST. The Live Webinar is free. As more and more auto dealers start looking to the next chapter in their lives, the need for a well thought out succession plan becomes an immediate necessity.

This webinar will examine the challenges and opportunities faced by auto dealer business owners. Don will focus on; the unique succession challenges facing a “family business”, boundaries and expectations that need to be established, what to include in your “9-1-1” emergency plan, exit and succession options, and several other topics.

Please join Don and DealersEdge on Thursday, October 5th @ 1:00pm, it will be 60 minutes well spent!

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