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Properly planning your estate can save your family unneeded grief and stress while at the same time reducing or partner-robert-hayes-carsoneven eliminating the taxes on their inheritance. I would like to call your attention to some important legislation currently on the table that could potentially affect your current estate plan.

The proposal threatens current IRS limits allowing for discounts to the fair market value of family ownership during the transfer of interests in family business. Taxpayers presently utilizing this strategy benefit from a potential decrease in taxes on their estate and/or gifts to their family. Businesses that are family owned should be discussing their financial plan with their advisors now to determine how they will be affected should this legislation be enacted, as they the taxpayers who could be most affected by the proposal.

The advisors of PSG work with multiple generations of your family to determine the most tax-efficient way to transfer your assets to your heirs and/or charitable organizations, while maintaining your core family values and work ethic. Please contact your advisor at PSG to discuss how the proposed changes to IRS Code could impact your estate plan at 301-543-6000.

For additional information regarding the details of the proposal, please reference an article written in the Wall Street Journal by clicking here.
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Robert has been a financial planner to the affluent since 1993. He specializes in providing comprehensive financial planning solutions to individuals and business owners. His primary focus is to provide advanced strategies for estate preservation, business succession planning, and asset management.

In addition to his focus on clients, he also oversees a group of financial planners and an administrative support team for Planning Solutions Group. In 2001, the partners nominated Bob to act as the Managing Partner for the firm. As the Managing Partner, Bob leads the strategic direction of the firm and implements new business initiatives to improve PSG’s planning, client service, and communication. Bob is a four-time winner of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award and has been featured as a guest speaker at the Lincoln Financial advisors Planning Forum and the Triad Advisors National Conference. In addition, Bob is sought out as a trusted advisor by several CPA firms, attorneys, and banks to offer sophisticated planning strategies to their affluent clients.  Bob can be reached at: